Wood Sheds

Wood Sheds Include:

Roof: Every roof is constructed with 2x4 trusses

sheeted with 1/2" exterior sheeting and covered with a 

20-year-fiberglass shingle.

Siding: We use Duratemp siding. It is hardboard faced plywood that does not crack, split, or delaminate like t-1-11 often does. Duratemp comes with a 25-year manufacturers warranty.

Framing: Our walls are framed with 2x4 kiln-dried studs, spaced 16" apart. We DO NOT cut corners and space studs 24" or 48" apart.

Doors: Every storage unit comes with our standard 4x6 door. We frame our doors with five 2x4 braces, and support it with three 6" T-hinges.

Flooring: We use 3/4" tongue-in-groove sheeting. It will handle just about anything you can put on it.

An 8,000 lb truck = 2,000 per tire.

How much weight do you want your floor to handle?

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